Friday, June 17, 2011


I am so excited!
My first published novel, after all these years!
Look at the cover!

And what makes it even more special is that I took the photo, myself, just over a year ago last September while Dennis and I were riding the bike path that used to be a train track up in the Enosburg area.  We came across the ruins of what I realized was an old mill, and I swear, the whole plot of this novel came to me on the spot.  I wrote it in about three months, finishing it in February.  I submitted it, and in early June, it was accepted by Prizm.  A year later (after way more work that I'd ever dreamed) here it is!

This is the original photo I took that day:

Pretty cool, huh?  Yeah, that's Dennis standing there.  The artist (the amazing Alessia Brio) could have kept him in it, given him faerie wings...maybe not.

Anyway, a huge, huge thank you to everyone who helped me with this book and helped keep me sane while I was working on it.

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  1. First, congratulations!!! Second, I will check out the blog and your book shortly, but I am laughing at the image of Dennis with his faerie wings!!!