Monday, October 24, 2011

When the Lights Go Out

Why is it so magical when the electricity goes out? I know it can be a major life disruption and create dangerous situations. But last night our power went off for two hours in the evening, and I sat in the candlelight sipping red wine, watching my daughter do homework and my husband reading in the tentative light, and everything had a quiet peacefulness that is so lacking most of the time. I could not check emails or even work on my new project, and it was all guilt-free. Nothing to do but sip wine and watch the candles flicker. Even the house rested around us. We could see stars through the windows.

It was nice.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10,000 Hits for the Lip Dub!

Last winter, the amazing school where I work made a Lip Dub. I'd never heard of such a thing until I was in one. A whole bunch of us faculty and students showed up at school on a very snowy Sunday afternoon and spent three hours walking backward through the school lip syncing to a song played over the PA. It had to be filmed in one continuous take with no rehearsals or editing afterwards, except to dub in the song.

Today, we heard that we'd had 10,000 hits!

I've heard so many writers complain about their day jobs, but look at what I get to do! Check it out, see the beautiful school where Under the Willow and the upcoming Silent One were set, and just maybe, catch a very brief glimpse of the famous author herself in the background.

Here is the link to the Lip Dub:

And here is the link to the Making of the Lip Dub, which is pretty cool, too: