Friday, January 27, 2012

Silent One is on the Clock!

It's official

 Silent One is really going to happen! Novel number two in print! It never quite seems real until I get that official email saying, "Hi, I'm going to be your editor." It's really going to be published!

My release date is June 13. (Why does that sound like due date? Babies, novels, they have a lot in common. I could make comments about conception being the last fun bit, but I won't.) I enjoy editing -- I always learn a lot -- and the excitement and anticipation and attention is exhilarating. But editing also comes with deadlines and pressure and panic, and a heap of forms for the artist and for marketing. Synopsis, short blurbs, long blurbs, acknowledgements, and excerpts. And it all has to be perfect, and on time. Still, it's easier in some ways because the words are already there; it's just matter of kneading them like bread dough back and forth between the punctuation marks until they're the right consistency. It's a very different feeling than finding them in the first place.

(My characters are looking at me as though I've lost my mind. They think they're alive, thank you very much. And they're telling me to just give this up and get back to work.)


  1. Unrelated-ish....have you heard of the A to Z blogging challenge in April? Different sort of writing, but a neat (and fun) way to get your blog out "there" more....

  2. This guy has a link....he is also an author with book two on the way...not sure how I stumbled upon him, but he is good to new authors and seems to have some decent blogging tips.

    The challenge might be more than you want to do, but I thought I should mention it!

  3. Thank you. Sounds interesting. I'll look into it.

  4. Here's another link....