Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22

Some days are like magnets. Big events just stick to them. Today is one of those days for me.

March 22 is my mother's birthday. Ever since I can remember, I've been making birthday cakes for her and trying to figure out what to get her. Earrings (lavender) are a safe bet. Or music -- a soothing piano CD with bird songs in the background. This year's cake is going to be chocolate frosting on chocolate cake -- it's been a busy week and everybody knows that chocolate will ease most anything. The celebration will be this weekend.

March 22 was the day I started my first real job. Twelve years ago today, I was the most petrified new member of the CHS staff that was ever hired. I am forever grateful to the poor teachers who had to train me to work with kids who frightened and shocked me. Now I daily stride through situations that would have floored me once, but I am still learning every moment that I am there, and I hope that I never stop.

March 22 is the day my brother-in-law Jim Wescott died in a car accident. I think it must be eight or nine years ago now, maybe more, but it seems like it happened much more recently. The world lost a good man that day. Like me, he was a CHS graduate and a Laker, and that alone makes him okay. His big heart touched many people, and he is much missed.

These are my daffodils, and I can't believe they're blossoming this early!

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