Sunday, April 15, 2012


Yesterday was bark day at our house. Well, mulch, or whatever it's called. Normally we don't get to it this early, but for once, we were organized and decided to get a head start on the weeds. We have this odd shaped spot between the house and the pool where we can't really mow without spraying grass all over either the house or the pool, so bark and flowers and a few herbs live here. I honestly really don't like gardening (hot, dirty, buggy, boring, hurts my knees and my back, and the deer end up eating everything, anyway) so this tends to fall on the rest of the family. I enjoy looking at the garden, from inside the pool or a lounge chair with a large iced tea.

I'm normally a pretty quiet person, but not quite quiet enough for gardening. I like a bit of excitement in my activities -- chasing down an elusive bird, scrambling to get the perfect shot, even working in a high school, for that matter (way too much excitement there sometimes). Or writing, of course. That is one thing in my life that is never, ever boring.

Silent One is getting closer! Can't wait to see the cover! I'll post it as soon as I get a copy.

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