Thursday, May 17, 2012


Busy, busy going over the proofreader's comments for Silent One.

Commas, commas, commas! The editor suggests big changes and hits big grammar issues, usually, but the proofreader makes you stop and think about every single comma in the book! There are right commas, and wrong commas, and "iffy" commas, and ones that work in some places but not in others, and ones used to emphasize something, and ones that completely change the meaning of a sentence if they go away, or give it a new meaning if you mate them up with another one. Commas are the solids in a sentence, and words are the liquid. Or writing is like kneading bread dough, pushing it back and forth, and the commas are the baker's hands.

And clearly I've been staring at this screen too long and need to go to bed.

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