Tuesday, May 8, 2012


In a fit of madness this weekend, my husband and I decided to open the pool. Okay, I might have kind of forced him into it, but he's a good sort and if I want something really bad, he doesn't protest too much. Everything was going all right (well, not counting the fact that I let a bunch of dead leaves fall into the clear water when we were dragging off the cover) until we went to hook up the hoses that run from the pool to the pump and found a cracked valve. So we threw in a gallon of shock and quit running water in until my noble husband made a trip to the pool store during his lunch break yesterday to get a new valve-thingy. We got it on last night, attached the hose, and filled for a few more hours. I'm topping it off right now, so when he gets home today, we can fire it up and see if anything explodes (which may have happened a few times in the past).

The problem is that Sunday was warm and sunny. Last night was cold, and tonight is rainy and cold. Any sensible person would throw the cover back on and maybe wait until July. But I like to swim (okay, I'm passionate about swimming) and I like to have the pool full and clean and the water balanced and ready to go when it's warm enough to enjoy it. The minute the water temp hits fifty, I'm good. My record plunge is forty-seven. That was chilly. I really pretty much swim every day from mid May to the end of September. Outside. In the winter, I go to an indoor pool whenever I can carve out an hour. I have distant mermaid ancestry, you see...

Our pool, mostly full, last night

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