Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Video

Check out my newest video! I'm having more fun making these things. (All the photography is mine, by the way.)

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Silent One is getting closer! I've finished with the proofreading, and it's back in the capable hands of my editor. If things look okay to her, it goes to production, then back to me for a final go over. At that point, if I need to change anything other than formatting issues, I have to go on my knees before the mighty publisher herself. This is where a whole new level of writing stress starts creeping in. Now that it's too late, all kinds of things start popping into my head. Like, is this novel the stupidest thing ever written? At this point, I can so relate to one of my all time favorite characters, Asher, in Chaim Potok's novel, My Name is Asher Lev. When Asher walks into his grand art show opening and sees his masterpiece hanging on the wall, he completely freaks out and asks hoarsely for someone to bring him paints and a brush, quick.

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