Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Week!

Silent One -- one week from today! I am so excited! I'm doing the final read through right now. I think it may actually happen!

Aside from that, I had an amazing afternoon. I went to the retirement party of a colleague who has worked in my  school for twenty something years. She began working there soon after I graduated. I was expecting to see only other colleagues at the party, but someone had invited a bunch of teachers who had worked with my friend back when she'd first started. Which meant for me that my old teachers started walking through the door.

Normally, I'm pretty quiet and reserved, but today, much to the astonishment of the friends I was sitting with, I kept flying out of my seat, running up, and throwing my arms around people they'd never seen before. It was so great, and so totally unexpected! And they all recognized me, even if they didn't know my name. When I told them that I was finally publishing, every one of them was thrilled. In fact, not one of them acted very surprised. I saw my old chemistry teacher who used to read my wild science fiction stories that no one in the English department would touch, my sixth grade science teacher who was also my tenth grade biology teacher, two P.E. teachers, my advanced biology teacher, and an English teacher who had once selected me to represent the school in a writing competition. (I lost.)

In one of those weird time spirals that only happen to me, yesterday I bid farewell to a student I've worked with every day for seven years. In thirty years, will I remember her name? I know I'll never forget her face. This time of year when my kids graduate is very tough, despite how rewarding it is to see them grinning under those blue caps with the dangling tassels. So having been on both sides of the student/teacher spectrum in the past twenty-four hours, I can say one thing with absolute certainty:

Go Facebook or Google one of your old teachers right now, and say hi, and make their day. You might even make them cry.

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