Thursday, June 21, 2012

Plymouth, MA

My family and I have just gotten back from one of those whirlwind camping trips, grabbing a few days between school's end and summer ballet program's beginning.  My oldest daughter loves history and has always wanted to explore Plymouth, MA, so we immersed ourselves in things pilgrim for three days. We also got sick and spent most of our first day at a walk-in clinic getting prescriptions for the oldest. I came down with Killer Cough the next day, and our youngest daughter succumbed yesterday. Fortunately, my husband (the chief driver) remained well, and ferried us around to each stop where we got out so we could claim we'd seen what we'd come to see. And I gotta say, the campground was lovely and full of birds, but the bathroom was the most disgusting place I've ever been in my life. The shower drain didn't work, and everything that was supposed to go down washed across the rest of the floor instead, and had been doing so for years. Nasty place. The woods however, were full of Rufus-sided Towhees, which we don't get around here, and the crowning gem of the place was the Whip-Poor-Will that sang every night. Very rare and made it all worth it,  just barely. But I am SO glad to be home.

The Famous Plymouth Rock

The Mayflower II

Plimouth Plantation 
(Which now has a large Native American section, which is great)

The Pilgrim Settlement

Some random weird lady at a store devoted entirely to bird things
(I think she might be related to the idiot I captured on film back in March wading in the Atlantic)

Some beautiful scenery on Cape Cod

So not a total loss, but it seems really good to be home! (Did I already say that?)

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