Saturday, June 23, 2012

Silent One is Number Two

Over on my publisher's website, Prizm Press, I just discovered that Silent One has popped up into the number two spot on their bestseller list! And Under the Willow is sitting at number five.

Naturally, I'm being very calm, cool, and collected about it. (Okay, so I'm dancing around my house.)



  1. I just read 'Silent One' last week and loved it and now I'm reading 'Under the Willow' and enjoying it so far. Congrats on both of them doing well....Leaundra

    1. Thank you so much! I saw your review on my Goodreads page and was very touched. I've been warned not make responses to reviews over there because things can get tricky sometimes, but I know that I and a lot of other writers check Goodreads as often as we check the weather.

      Just a note on both books -- I described the high school where I teach as the setting for both of them, and that's also where I took the school photos I used in the trailer for Silent One. So imagine Shane and Cody running around in the same halls and sitting in the same desks. Both descriptions are completely accurate, except for the ladder going up to the roof in Under the Willow. I made that up. I've been told there really is one somewhere in the building, but I've never found it.