Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank you!

Wow, what an overwhelming response! I've gotten zillions of hits here and lovely comments here and on my Facebook entry. I feel like Silent One is well launched and off to a wonderful start. Thanks so much, and I hope everyone who is reading enjoys the book. Let me know what you all think!


  1. I just finished 'Silent One" ... I absolutely LOVED IT. You created a fascinated world in it and I would very much love to read more about it, to see Gareth changing things. The last few pages of the book were so charged with so many things that could be a beginning to other wonderful adventures...Thank you for a great read and two characters that I fell for...

  2. Oh, thank you so much! You have made my day! You don't know how wonderful it is to know that my writing touches people.

  3. Hey Kari!

    I'm a fellow Prizm author (Prizm still have my books, but I no longer publish with them), and I just got a hold of your newest book. I read your debut, BTW, and enjoyed it. :) Good luck with your sales!

    All the best, etc.

    1. Errata...

      "Prizm still has my books..." Good grief, being a writer, you'd think that I'd have the subject-verb agreement thing down. Dur.

    2. Hi Hayden! Oh, I am the Queen of the Typo and silly writing mistakes, believe me. My long suffering writer's group gets great hilarity from some of my bloopers. They don't bother to correct me, they just write, "Hee-hee" in the margin.

      I've seen your name around. I shall have to explore your writing, too. I'm honored that you enjoy my work, and thanks for commenting!