Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's HOT Outside

Vermonters aren't used to the heat. I mean, we're pretty much cold for nine months of the year, and spend the other three months saying, "Oh, is this how the rest of the world lives?" and looking around in disbelief. Then it starts to snow again and we get back to normal life. I heard somewhere that there are more swimming pools in Vermont than in Florida, compared to the population.

So to help everyone around here cool down, I made a video about water. It works best when viewed with a large glass of your favorite beverage served with extra ice.

The photos are from Lake Champlain, the New Hampshire White Mountains, the coast of Maine including Acadia National Park, and Prince Edward Island. The birds are an immature Great Black Backed Gull, two mature and one immature Tundra Swans, and several Common Eiders and Common Goldeneye.

And yes, there is a special appearance of the now famous Silent One Canoe!

Here is the link:

Click Here

Enjoy, and stay cool.

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