Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Humming Along

Quick update on another hot evening while I'm trying to think cool thoughts and remember what it's like here at forty below zero with a wind-driven snow.

Silent One is making me so proud -- it's still number one on the Prizm site after about three weeks, and yesterday I saw that it was number two on a site that distributes books that is somehow linked to Barnes and Noble, though I'm not sure how. This site is geared for adult books, so having Silent One sitting up there makes me do a little happy dance despite the heat. It's also getting nice reviews over on my Goodreads page -- follow the  link to the right to read them.

But what makes me the most proud, honestly, is the way my daughter is carrying it around with her everywhere, how my husband growls at me to go away, he's reading, how my mother whipped it out of her bag and showed it to her doctor, how my niece called me in the middle of the night to say she loved it, and how a friend got a bookstore to order it and told them to get stocked up -- I was the next big thing. That so makes it all worth it.

I love you, readers!

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