Tuesday, September 11, 2012

End of Summer Sunset

Every time I go to make a new post, I see that cute sleeping sheep and I think, how can I top that? Besides, I'm crazy with school, and my daughter's ballet classes have started up for the year so I have an extra hour's drive almost every day, and I have to have some surgery next week -- nothing major, a small tumor that I've been assured isn't malignant, but which needs to come out. Still, it's the kind of thing that makes a person antsy. (As my family can attest.)

Anyway, here are a few rather stormy sunsets I took last weekend as an intense cold front was coming though. We got caught in a squall with hail and rain and wind like I've never been outside in before while trying to get in a quick swim before it hit. (Most sensible people head for cover when they hear thunder in the distance. For my family, it means race for the water, QUICK!) By the time I got to the deck, it was too late, and I was smart enough to turn and dash back to the camp. When I got there, I was as wet as if I'd gone swimming. So it all worked out.

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