Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Fair

How could anyone not want to fall asleep looking at her?

A most friendly alpaca

Miniature Horses. Really, could they be any cuter? Except maybe grazing on my lawn?

All about the animals this year. And a pretty glittery glass prism that makes rainbows. Well, and the food, of course. My yearly fix of onion rings. And a side of fried dough. And a couple lemonades. And a big hug from a former student, all grown up now (made me a little sniffly). The best part -- showing everything to a friend who hadn't been to a fair in... a long time. I'm sure I bored her to death with stories about how I used to go every year with my grandfather and my great aunt, and how this bit was new, but how this was just the same as it had always been. I can remember them telling me the same things about how the fair had changed since they were kids. My great aunt was born in the 1890's. I'm so fortunate that I have traditions, and memories, like these in my life.

Oh, and my daughter is now officially engaged to a wonderful young man. I saw the engagement ring on her finger at the fair, for the very first time. The start of a new story, to be passed down. ("I can remember my great grandmother saying that she went to the fair the day she got engaged, way back in 2012! Can you imagine what it must have been like back then?")

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