Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sugaring Season

It's starting to change again. Oh, it's snowing this morning, but when I stepped outside with Ruby, we heard the unmistakable metallic ping of a hammer striking a sap spout. Our neighbors were out tapping their maples. That sound, and the big puffy flakes falling silently through the still woods, brought me back to the days I used to spend helping my father tap trees at the Green Mountain Audubon Center. Even though my feet and hands would get cold and I'd be tired by late afternoon, I knew that sugaring season was the bridge that connected winter to spring. It always began with days like this, but it would end when the maples had big red buds and the song of spring peepers would fill the woods. When we would go out to collect the buckets in warm sun of April, late February would be a distant memory.

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