Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vermont Writes Day

It's Vermont Writes Day!

Today, February 7th, everybody in Vermont is encouraged to write for 7 minutes. This program is sponsored by the Young Writer's Project, which helps get young writers published in the local paper and talked about on the radio, and all kinds of cool stuff. My school participates every year, and every student writes for at least seven minutes. Since I only work in humanities classes, I got lots of seven minutes chances today. In my last class, I was brave enough to stand up and read, in hopes of encouraging others. (Okay, I just wanted the attention, but it worked. Several kids read after me.)

The prompts this year were to write about a farm or an experience on a farm, about climate change, about an important moment, or to freewrite about anything you want. So, everybody (whether you live in Vermont or not) open up a blank document or find a piece of paper and go for it. Seven minutes is not very long, and who knows? You might find yourself starting a novel, and then you'll finish it, and you'll publish it, and you'll be so glad you took that first seven minute step! Or even if you don't start your bestseller, you'll feel good!

Here's a link to the project's website, where you can read what others have done, and post your own, if you're so inclined:

Click Here

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