Friday, April 26, 2013

New Article in The Carver's Daughter Series

(photographer unknown)

 Click HERE to read "Habitat Shots," the next article in my series about growing up with a bird carver. I'm having a blast writing these silly things, and I'm getting some nice feedback, too. Happy memories!

There are links to the others in the series to your right.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ohio! New York!

All in three days! We're exhausted, but my daughter checked out a college and I photographed Niagara Fall to my heart's content (in the rain). We spent two nights in luxury (Hotels with HEATED INDOOR POOLS and FREE breakfast!) My husband said, "But we could have spent four nights in a campground for every one night in a hotel." My response: "Big flip."

I have become obsessed with the Erie Canal and Lake Erie and the whole barge, mules, tow path thing. What a lifestyle that must have been! Looking forward to finding out more about it.

Enjoyed eating my way across the Youngstown State University's campus and marveling at the green grass, flowering trees, and blue sky. I have to say I love the penguin mascot, and the people were very nice, too.

Oh, what college should I go to?

Never mind -- I'll go back to kindergarten!

Some Common Terns on a breakwater on Lake Erie

And an old, overgrown lighthouse we stumbled across

I saw my first Black Squirrel (too bad I don't keep a Squirrel Life List!)

We practically had Niagara Falls to ourselves to appreciate the majesty of it all. I managed to block out all the tourist stuff for a bit, anyway.

There was a huge Ring Billed Gull nesting colony below the falls:
(the white specs are gulls -- they were a LONG way down)

They would fly up to the grass and collect nesting material in one spot:

And then congregate in another spot for more amorous activity:


And here's a short video that's as close to going over the falls as I dared to get:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Maple Flowers

I love the very brief window of time when trees burst into flower. They don't do it for very long, and most people don't even notice -- everybody is waiting for those tender green leaves. But right now the red maple outside my kitchen window never looks quite so beautiful, in my mind.

Of course, I like daffodils, too. So does Ruby.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Morning

Woke to fresh snow on the ground and a cardinal singing. April is the month of juxtapositions in Vermont. Just driving home yesterday, I went through rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. Several times. Just as I can go from happiness to sadness, confidence to fear, during a drive home. Sometimes the only thing to do is put the window down and listen to the birds.