Monday, May 27, 2013

We're out!

My family got home at ten o'clock last night. And today I'm free!

To watch a video I made of the experience, click here:


Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's Stopped Raining!

I can see the mountain for the first time in four days. Yes, that's fresh snow up there. No, it's not normal, even for Vermont.

The word is that the temp bridge will be open to traffic, foot and car, by ten o'clock tonight. That's two hours from now.  I'm so impressed by the hard work of the Vtrans guys who have been at it from dawn to after dark for two days over a holiday weekend. I REALLY hope my family will be home tonight. I have this image in my mind of us lined up doing the can-can in the middle of the bridge.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


We will be able to drive out tomorrow! The temperature has been in the thirties today, and it's windy and STILL raining. These guys have worked from dawn and they're going to work until dark. Yeah for VTrans and Westford! Their hard work makes me feel loved. There are good people in the world. They assure us we will be out by tomorrow afternoon.

We're an amazing team of organized people here on our island. One of the workers tells Dennis on the mainland they will need someone on our side at seven fifteen tomorrow morning to catch a rope. A flurry of phone calls: at least two people will be down at seven fifteen. (I will not be one of them. Even after this gets fixed, it is still washed out where my own driveway meets the roads. Someone who can drive down can do the catching. It's over a mile for me to walk.) I've never talked this much with my neighbors before.

I have discovered a cash of Mountain Dew in the band's refrigerator downstairs in their practice room. At this point, everything in this house is MINE. If I want to subsist on Mountain Dew and Klondikes, I am ENTITLED!

The Rescue has Begun!

The word is that people are working on the road already, as of this morning. With luck, the temp bridge should be installed by tomorrow afternoon. I will probably venture down this afternoon and take some photos. It is cold (43 degrees) and still raining. The forecast is that it might change to snow later. If it does, it will be the latest I've ever seen snow in Vermont. That is not what I'd intended when I hoped the rain would stop!

Friday, May 24, 2013

There is Hope!

Not only has my missing cat turned up safe and dry, but I just got a call from our contact person saying that she'd just been notified by the town that the state has approved the request for a temp bridge. It will take two days to install, and they will start on Sunday and finish on Monday, and with luck, we should be able to get out on Tuesday.

It will remain in place until they engineer a better solution for the brook.


I have decided it is no longer necessary to ration my Klondike bars and am celebrating by eating one. (Would Klondikes have counted as emergency supplies? Would they had made it over the ridge on an ATV? Hopefully, I won't ever find out!)

The Plot Thickens...

The official word is that I'm going to be on an island until at least the beginning of next week. 

The town has applied for a temporary bridge, but the state has to approve it first, and then the water has to drop before they can put it in. It's anyone's guess exactly when that'll happen.

In the mean time, one of our neighbors has been appointed our point person with the town, and she's called everyone to make sure we're all okay. If we need emergency supplies, she will arrange for them to be brought in by ATV. I'm not sure how many of us are actually up here -- I'd guess about twenty. At least one is a nurse, just in case.

So for now, I'm staying put. It would be a very long, wet, rugged hike to get out of here, and I'm not going to attempt it unless I have to, since I have a knee that bothers me. I just managed, with the help of some firefighters, to get some clothing and medicine out to my family across the raging torrent. (They threw me a bag on a rope, I put my bag in it and threw it back.I must say, my toss was at least as good as theirs!)

So everyone please hope that Vermont bureaucracy moves fast and the sun comes out!

In the mean time, I'm going to have a writer's retreat!

We Are So Flooded!

Last night was the worst flooding we've ever had. Right now, I'm trapped with the people from twelve other houses on our dead end road. Not only that, but the main road is closed for about three towns on either side of us, so if I could get past here, I'd have nowhere to go. My family is spread out among friends, with no idea when they can get home.

The three culverts are way downstream now

This is the smaller brook that goes under our driveway

This is where my driveway meets our road.
Yeah, it's going to be a LONG weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Everywhere I look, everything is blossoming! And yes, that is the famous Silent One canoe in the background.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First Nighttime Swim

We officially opened the pool last week and I've been dipping in and out every day since May 2nd. With the outside temps in the low 80s, it's felt wonderful! Two and a half weeks without rain (almost unheard of here) has left Vermont very dry. For the first time I've been able to remember, we've had forest fires throughout my county, one which threatened my in-law's home and one which threatened some of my mother's farm. Yikes! Fortunately, the weather broke today and we've been having gentle showers since mid afternoon.

Tonight, I decided to start my traditional dip before bed. I've never done it this early in the year before, with the spring peepers in full chorus. I had a big toad jump off the cool, wet patio tiles on to my foot as I passed. That was a bit -- surprising. Rather him than a bear, though, so all is good.

I'm probably not going for a swim before breakfast though. Maybe this weekend.