Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's Stopped Raining!

I can see the mountain for the first time in four days. Yes, that's fresh snow up there. No, it's not normal, even for Vermont.

The word is that the temp bridge will be open to traffic, foot and car, by ten o'clock tonight. That's two hours from now.  I'm so impressed by the hard work of the Vtrans guys who have been at it from dawn to after dark for two days over a holiday weekend. I REALLY hope my family will be home tonight. I have this image in my mind of us lined up doing the can-can in the middle of the bridge.


  1. I'm always impressed how quickly things can move when they HAVE to move!!!

  2. Yeah, they moved! The guys were down there working in headlights to get it finished for us. No complaints.