Saturday, May 25, 2013


We will be able to drive out tomorrow! The temperature has been in the thirties today, and it's windy and STILL raining. These guys have worked from dawn and they're going to work until dark. Yeah for VTrans and Westford! Their hard work makes me feel loved. There are good people in the world. They assure us we will be out by tomorrow afternoon.

We're an amazing team of organized people here on our island. One of the workers tells Dennis on the mainland they will need someone on our side at seven fifteen tomorrow morning to catch a rope. A flurry of phone calls: at least two people will be down at seven fifteen. (I will not be one of them. Even after this gets fixed, it is still washed out where my own driveway meets the roads. Someone who can drive down can do the catching. It's over a mile for me to walk.) I've never talked this much with my neighbors before.

I have discovered a cash of Mountain Dew in the band's refrigerator downstairs in their practice room. At this point, everything in this house is MINE. If I want to subsist on Mountain Dew and Klondikes, I am ENTITLED!


  1. Klondike Bars and Mountain Dew! You're a lucky woman!!

    But seriously, just catching up on all this and glad you are doing okay!!

  2. Thanks! We're all fine. And yes, I certainly enjoyed parts of the adventure!