Thursday, August 22, 2013

This really gets to me

I found this in our local news this morning: Vermont Man Gets Nearly 5 Years in Movie Fraud Case. (Click here to see the piece)

I feel really bad about this on so many levels. I don't doubt that he got what he deserved, and I feel really bad for the people who invested money in him, because I totally understand why they did. Mac Parker was a kind of hero of mine while I was a teenager. He was a simple Vermont storyteller, and he told stories well. No props, no nothing -- just a man and his stories and his Vermont accent. Stories that could have been about my grandparents. Stories that were about what it's really like here now. I heard him perform and I own many of his recordings. My mother admired him. He could make you laugh and cry and think all at once.

Somewhere, something went wrong. I feel like he betrayed himself, and the people who took him to heart, not just those who invested money in him.

One of the things he said really resonated with me, but now I'll never be able to think of it in quite the same way. It came at the end of a long description comparing Vermont to the rest of the country. He finished with the line, "Thank God I live in a quiet place, and I've remembered how to listen."

Now I wonder how he'll fare in jail for five years.

But despite what went wrong for him, I will never forget how to listen.

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