Thursday, September 12, 2013

Too Much Wildlife in My House!

WAY too much wildlife in my house tonight! First a mouse ran across my bedroom floor while I was writing. I squealed, picked up my feet, and was glad to see him scamper away in the direction of the cellar, where I figured I'd never see him again. Ten minutes later, I found him smooshed against the screen door like he was trying to fit under it. Opening the door made him run back into the kitchen and hide behind a cooler. I armed myself with a broom and moved the cooler. After a brief face-off, we both turned and ran. Fortunately, he ran right out the door and vanished under the lilac in half a heartbeat.

Just now, I went into my bathroom and saw movement on the floor in the closet. Not another one! No, it wasn't. It was a big, fat toad. We've NEVER had a toad in the house before. I like them outside just fine, but they're a lot bigger in the bathroom, believe me. I was pretty sure the broom wasn't going to work, so I decided on my proven method of trapping spiders. It took two tries to upend a plastic cup over it. Fortunately, I'd chosen one heavy enough not to be dislodged by a lot of hopping. I slid a folder underneath it -- a sheet of paper wasn't going to work -- and rushed it out the door. Last seen, the toad was heading for the lilac, too. Imagine the tales of Mouse and Toad tonight. The Nightmare of the Blue Sneakered Monster.

If I have to get up in the night, I'm carrying a flashlight. And the broom. And I'm putting on my sneakers.

Oh, and both cats were in the house during both episodes, and neither of them noticed a thing. This is good.

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