Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And on and on...

Things aren't getting much better yet, in fact, they're a bit worse. My mom is in intensive care now to receive insulin through her IV. We're still trying to get her levels to stay put. She's having quite a ride.

I've been going to the hospital after school every day. Last night I didn't get home until nine thirty. Today I'm feeling guilty for only staying an hour. But I've got dumb stuff like laundry and her bills to deal with, and I really wanted to go for a walk while it was daylight, to say nothing about the minor detail called sleep... The hospital folks are wonderful with her now that they've got her figured out, and I think that I'm just an agitation at times -- her ride home that isn't being very accommodating.

My favorite exchanged yesterday:

Nurse: Okay, dear, do you know where you are right now?
My mother, with a withering stare: Approximately.

She's never been anything if not direct.

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