Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger

I heard on my way to school this morning that Pete Seeger died yesterday. The world suddenly felt sadder without knowing he was breathing in it any longer. When I was a baby, my mother said I wouldn't fall asleep unless she was playing one of her many Weaver's records. Going to hear him sing at Memorial Auditorium in Burlington when I was a teenager was the first grown up thing I ever did all by myself. Hearing Ronnie Gilbert a few years later in Boston was incredibly moving, too -- I don't know how I must have looked, sitting there in one of the first rows, but she blew me a kiss at the end of the show, so she must have noticed.

Today is also the six month anniversary of Elijah Davis's death.

I sat in my car for a while in the parking lot this morning before I went in to school.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

And the Next Generation Moves In!

Ithamer and Harriet Blakely (1810)
Frank and Alice Blakely (18??)
Argyle Stalker and Bertha Blakely Stalker(1902)
Len Carpenter and Sally Stalker Spear (1936)
{Dennis Lanpher and Kari Jo Spear (1963)--didn't actually ever live there, but Kari Jo's horse did, and she and her mother own the place now}
Scott Grella and Alaria Lanpher (1990)

Dates are the birthdates of the family member. Ithamer built and lived in a log cabin that was beside where the house is now, and built the barn. His son Frank built the house, which my mother had refinished about fifteen years ago, but it has the original frame. Frank had no sons, but had four daughters (Grayce, Ruth, Muriel, Bertha) and that's when the Blakely name ended. The road is still named after us, though! My mother has a brother, Frank Stalker, who lives in Nevada. Otherwise, my daughters and I are it for now.

Six generations. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, there haven't been any cows there for years, or animals at all since our horse farm endeavor ended in 1981. All the land has been sold except what's immediately around the buildings. The buildings are rented out for storage and a local farmer still hays the fields, but there's still a big garden and it's a beautiful place to be.

Yeah, whose idea was it to move in January? Cold, cold, cold!

Alaria had us all very well organized with her color-coded map of where everything was supposed to go. Every box had a sticker on it

Lanpher genes, not Spear, for sure

That one goes upstairs

Man, what did she put in this?

Looks like a lot, but believe me, it's nothing compared to the dishes we dug out of there last weekend. Some had been in the family since Harriet's time, I'm sure! Really.

Always handy to have an EMT on location when heavy lifting is involved. Wait, Scott's the one doing the heavy lifting. How does that work?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Midterms Over!

Thank goodness! It's been a long hard week of tests for everybody. When I got home today, it felt so good to hang out by our brook for a little while.

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Pot

So a little while ago, some of you may remember that I might have gotten a little excited after creating my first ever pot on a wheel, which was something I'd wanted to do like forever. Well, it was fired once, then I glazed it; it was fired again, and today I got to bring it home. Huge thanks to the wonderful Mr. C. for all his patience in putting up with a student who is slightly older than his usual ones, and for doing whatever it's called to the bottom to make it smooth since school was out on vacation during the time period that needed to be done.

Here it is:

Clearly, I must have been a potter in a previous life.
(A very modest one, I'm sure!)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Started the year off  great with a flock of fourteen turkeys bright and early this morning, the first ones I've seen here all winter. My daughter says they were here yesterday afternoon and startled her.

My cat Whisper has been pawing at the door, frantic to go out and play with them. I think the glass might be distorting his perception, or something. They're three times as big as he is.

So expressive!