Sunday, February 16, 2014


I was downloading some photos this morning and realized I'd never posted this photo of my works of art from last semester. (Not that I'm proud of them or anything.) Notice that perfect little blue pot in the middle, that I made on the wheel? The odd green things in front are meant to hang on a wall with a few dried flowers or something in the pockets. My mother had a pair of them that hung on our wall when I was a kid, and I never knew what had happened to them. In a weird twist of fate, I found them while going through the farm, just weeks after making my own. Now I've got four hanging in my kitchen. (Still like my mom's better.)

I had so much fun in the class. I got to make these cool things, the student I was supporting learned a lot about patience and detail, and it was very relaxing. I really appreciated that the teacher worked with me like any other student (not a particularly talented one) and let me use clay and glaze and space in the kiln and all that stuff. (I guess I should thank the Colchester tax payers, too! -- Wait, I am a Colchester tax payer now! Guilt assuaged!)

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