Friday, August 22, 2014

Video for My Dad

Here's a link to a new video I made for the Birds of Vermont Museum about my father, Bob Spear.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Diabetic Kitty

So after a summer of not quite acting like himself, our kitty Whisper has been diagnosed with diabetes. We began the two shots a day regime this weekend, and so far, so good. He is just a sweetheart about the whole thing, twining around my ankles while I get things ready, no running and hiding and giving me a hard time. Not even the injections are a big deal. And afterwards, he settles back down for a nap.

Durning my injection lesson, the vet said that I was a natural with a needle and asked if I'd had any prior experience. The writer in me wanted to launch into a story about my wild youth and bad habits (those of you who knew me then, stop laughing), but I managed to hold back and tell the truth -- I had to give myself shots for a week after knee surgery to prevent blood clots. But I will say it's one thing to give myself shots and something else to stick a needle into a kitty I love. But one does what one needs to do. The every twelve hour schedule, regulated kitty meal times, and having to do it at six in the morning every day for the indefinite future is a little daunting, but again, one does what ones needs to do for family, and he is most definitely part of mine.

But if anybody has any experience with diabetic kitties, let me know! Thanks.