Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Peregrine Falcon

This is the best photo I've gotten so far this summer of one of the Peregrines nesting on the cliff near our camp. They are a constant presence in our lives, swooping past the windows and fussing in great agitation whenever a boat comes too near. I've seen three in the air at one time. One of their favorite perches is a red pine just down the path to our deck, and they don't seem bothered at all by me standing there in awe photographing them. I got this shot a few days ago while one was feeding on something it had just caught. (Yes, the prey had feathers, too. I'm not sure what it was.) I'm pretty sure this is an immature. Fortunately, they aren't bothered by me swimming around beneath them, either.

This is video I took a few days ago. You can't really see the peregrines, but you can hear them. I have to admit, I'm the only one in the family who is enchanted by their voices.

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