Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kitty Drama

As some of you may know, I have a diabetic cat I've been treating every twelve hours with insulin injections for the past year and a half. Monday morning, I gave Whisper his shot as usual, and within five minutes, he was staggering around the house, confused and dazed and unable to figure out how to get out of a corner. I realized this was what the vet had told me to watch for -- he was in shock.

I called the Burlington Emergency Veterinary Services immediately, and they told me to rush him in. And of course, he promptly disappeared. We found him under a bed, and the only way we could get to him fast was to dismantle the bed. Ten minutes later, the house in chaos with mattress thrown down the hall out of the way, my back was in a spasm, and he and I were off. I fully expected that this was the end.

But the wonderful doctors at BEVS quickly got him stabilized with an IV with a sugar solution and then began a series of tests to see what had caused the sudden, dangerous drop. A kidney infection was soon revealed and initially thought to be the culprit. And then, as we were discussing treatments, a doctor asked me how long he'd been blind.

You could have scooped me off the floor. Blind? I told them he wasn't blind. The doctor smiled and said that Whisper had just walked right off the exam table. Huh. It must have been a very gradual vision loss and he'd adapted smoothly. So much for my sense of being in touch with my cat.

After two days and a night at BEVS on his little kitty IV, Whisper was finally released yesterday, with some more staggering news. It is now looking like the real reason for the blood sugar drop is that he is no longer diabetic. His pancreas has decided to come back on line as suddenly as it went off. Only time will tell if this is permanent, or if he will need a lower dose of insulin .A trip to our vet this afternoon showed that his pancreas still seems to be working. Next week, we will test him again.

But for now, I have a diabetic-free, seventeen-year-old blind cat with a kidney infection and a lot less money in the bank, but I'll take it. And maybe, for the first time in a year and half, I'll be able to sleep past six o'clock in the morning next weekend!

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